SVG Polygone Builder

Target area: Development tools

The Builder make an SVG polygon in relative coordinates according to background image width and height. It is useful for purposes of highlight parts of image, that need to be implemented in responsive html page.

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Sofico Yoga website

Target area: Websites Wordpress.

Simple multilingual website on Wordpress with special graphic design of page patterns, post and widgets.

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Professional weather for Ukraine

Target area: Meteorology, Data visualization.

This is a real operative project that also aims to test some technologies and approaches for data visualization and user experience. Current implementation includes two parts: - In Actual Satellite Front-end: controlled animation and scaling, draggable components. Back-end: image processing, nonlinear 2D deformation, archive management and export to zip; - In forecast and climate pages Back-end: data parsing and processing; Front-end: interactive draggable charts, animation effects on charts, tooltip instruments and data processing on fly. Applied Technologies: JS, D3.js, jQuery, jQueryUI components, PHP.

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Logo Animations

Target area: Experimental

It is both test and demo project for drawing animation of scalable vector graphics (SVG). Javascript, D3.js

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Object coloring concept

Target area: Image proccecing, Experimental

The project shows an image processing algorithm developed in order to color 2D projection of simple objects. It implements a color replacement concept, currently for 3 colors. Here three different textures can be overlaid on a one object. Still a processing speed, that depends on resolution, is the main limitation of the algorithm. The algorithm was developed and implemented as a part of a gravestone constructor.

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Woo Products Tree

Target area: E-commerce, Products navigation, Wordpress plugins.

Woo Products Tree is a simple plugin which adds a sidebar widget for displaying a navigation tree of products and categories on Wordpress + WooCommerce store.

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Weather satellite animation

Target area: Meteorology, Environmental science, Visualization, Algorithmic experiments.

The project aims to display a real-time animation of weather satellite images and has more experimental character. Source images are translated from Meteosat through EUMETSAT, Met Office and This project accomplishes two goals. The first one is a creation of special animation and images overlays whereas the second one is to throw a challenge for modern web-technologies. Main technology is Javascript.

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Sarmat Archery

Target area: Shop, WooCommerce, Wordpress

The store developed on Wordpress with special graphic design and widgets.

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Essences de Provence

Target area: Shop, WooCommerce, Wordpress

The Store developed on Wordpress with special graphic animation. Main technologies: PHP, Javascript, CSS.

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Harmonie et Expressions

Target area: Shop, WooCommerce, Wordpress

This is the informational website of the wholesale company. It includes store functions for registered clients and special graphics. Mainly technologies: PHP, CSS.

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Dynamic Atlas of Clouds

Target area: Education, Meteorology, Environmental

The educational web project uncovers clouds evolution processes for different types of clouds according to classification of World Meteorology Organizatioin. Main technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript.

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